Vessel Wine’s 19.5L stainless steel kegs contain the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine.

When you tap into a glass of Vessel Wines you will:

  • Enjoy an Exceptional Tasting Wine
  • Support Washington Grown Wines
  • Help Protect Your Environment

Now on Tap


Vessel Chardonnay ( 2013 ) 12.9% abv
Varietal Composition:
100% Chardonnay

This succulent Chardonnay starts with bright pear and apple notes on the nose with a hint of apricot. The smooth mid-palate is rich, buttery and refreshing leading to a medium-dry, slightly peppery with a trace of almond.

Vessel Pinot Grigio ( 2013 ) 12.1% abv
Varietal Composition:
95% Pinot Grigio
2.8% Chardonnay
2.2% Sauvignon Blanc

This vibrant and fresh Pinot Grigio shows light citrus and peach on the nose, followed by a burst of ripe grapefruit and summertime strawberry. The finish has well-balanced acidity and lingering minerality. A perfect sipper for anytime of the year!

Vessel Riesling (2013) 12.1% abv
Varietal Composition:
100% Riesling

A bouquet of bright honeysuckle greets the senses, then sun ripened kiwi and starfruit delight mid-palate. This moderately sweet Riesling finishes boldly, boasting creamy churned honey-butter infused with tangy tangerine. Pure sunshine in a glass!

Coming Soon…Vessel Rose!


Vessel Malbec (2013) 15.8% abv
Varietal Composition:
98.5% Malbec
1.4% Merlot
0.1% Cabernet Sauvignon

The deep ruby red color compliments the blackberry, dark plum and black cherry on the nose, followed by mid-palate violet, cocoa powder, and a leathery finish. Flavors are full and richly balanced with moderate tannins, leaving no doubt of this wine’s Bordeaux heritage.

Vessel Cabernet Sauvignon (2013) 13.9% abv
Varietal Composition:
100% Cabernet Sauvignon

With aromas of sweet black current, juicy plum and cedar, this full-bodied, seductive wine features firm tannins while bursting mid-pallet with succulent blackberry, and cocoa. A slighty spicy finish rounds off this beautifully balanced, elegant, burgundy colored varietal.

Vessel Sangiovese (2013) 12.9% abv
Varietal Composition:
90% Sangiovese
8.3% Merlot
1.7% Cabernet Sauvignon

Most famously tied to Chianti and the sister of the Brunello grape, Sangiovese (“Blood of Jupiter”) boasts a rustic flavor, well balanced tannins and a dazzling crimson color. The lush cherry, currant and vanilla bouquet mingles with a gentle whisper of spice that is sure to transport you to the Italian countryside!!

Coming Soon…Vessel Red Blend!